What are the SCVMM 2012 Profiles?

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Just a quick summary about the various profiles in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012.

Guest OS Profiles

A Guest OS Profile defines the most common parameters i. e., the computer name or domain name. It is also possible to add additional Roles and Features to install.

Hardware Profiles

A Hardware Profile defines resource that can be used when creating a virtual machine, or when deploying a VM template. I. e. specifications for processor, memory, network adapters.

Capability Profiles

The Capability Profile defines the available limit of resources. I. E. the minimum and maximum values per virtual machine.

Host Profiles

Profile for deploying physical Hyper-V Servers.

Application Profiles

The Application Profile allows you to install Microsoft Server App-V, Microsoft Web Deploy and Microsoft SQL applications. Various pre-and post-scripts can be run to do advanced configuration tasls.

SQL Profiles

The SQL Profile is very similar to the Application Profile. It allows the automatic installation of SQL Server instances.

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