70-413 – what is in it?


Plan and deploy a server infrastructure (20–25%)

  • Design an automated server installation strategy
  • Plan and implement a server deployment infrastructure
  • Plan and implement server upgrade and migration
  • Plan and deploy Virtual Machine Manager services
  • Plan and implement file and storage services
  • Planning considerations include iSCSI SANs, Fibre Channel SANs, Virtual
    Fibre Channel, storage spaces, storage pools, and data de-duplication;
    configure the iSCSI Targetserver; configure the Internet Storage Name server
    (iSNS); configure Network File System (NFS); install Device Specific Modules

Design and implement network infrastructure services (20–25%)

  • Design and maintain a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Design a name resolution solution strategy
  • Design and manage an IP address management solution

Design and implement network access services (15–20%)

  • Design a VPN solution
  • Design a DirectAccess solution
  • Implement a scalable remote access solution
  • Design a network protection solution
  • Implement a network protection solution

Design and implement an Active Directory infrastructure (logical) (20–25%)

  • Design a forest and domain infrastructure
  • Implement a forest and domain infrastructure
  • Design a Group Policy strategy
  • Design an Active Directory permission model

Design and implement an Active Directory infrastructure (physical) (20–25%)

  • Design an Active Directory sites topology
  • Design a domain controller strategy
  • Design and implement a branch office infrastructure

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